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Cristina - "Weight"

Charcter/Ship: Cristina, Cristina/Burke
Song: Weight, by Sarah Slean
Spoilers: clips from Season 3 only
Summary This is a season 3 Cristina/Burke vid, from Cristina's point of view, about all the hoops she jumped through for Burke...which was considerable I think.
File Size: Small (13 MB, 320 x 240, 500kbps), Large (30 MB, 640 x 480, 500 kbps)
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(Download recommended. Youtube was not kind, and it's a little choppy.)
Any Additional Notes:
This is my first Grey's vid EVER! (Not my first fanvid ever "star wipes" here folks). And thusly, I am new to the community, so I just wanted to say "Howdy." :)
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